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Stern's Embarkation

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I've been silent on David Stern's self-insertion into the arenapocolypse for no particularly good reason. In short, it's the most important thing to happen to the arena effort in years - even more important than the severe November ballot-box beatdown.


He's David f*cking Stern.

With only a few days notice, he got meetings with Schwarzenegger, Tsakopoulos, Jimmy Yee, and I assume Heather Fargo. He snapped his f*cking fingers, and discussion was had. He's the sports Corleone.

I don't know how it will shake down - the regional sports authority idea, a countywide or counties-wide bond, another stab at a local tax, a land swap, a rezoning deal. But when Dave Vito is involved, you just feel it happening.

And if it does happen, dude's going to be Christ in this town.