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C-R-A-P. The Kings Are Not a Joy to See. They're crap. Yeah yeah, they're crap.

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Don't blame it on the refs.

Yeah, it was a crappy non-call. I think Brad Miller spoke for all of us (and will probably be paying for his physical outburst).

But the game was lost when the Kings decided to shoot nothing but jumpshots in the first half and in overtime. When the shot isn't falling, you get to the rim (as Bibby tried to do on the last play), you get to the line (ditto), or you get into transition (ditto again). If the Kings would've spent more than one play trying to do those things, they might have been able to score more than 90 points in a damn overtime game, right?

Bibby was the best player on the floor for the Kings last night, and that's saying a lot because he wasn't playing very well. Artest did well considering he hasn't practiced or played in about a week. Miller was fine. Salmons and Martin were beyond awful, which is surprising against such a thin team.

Here are the game stats.

Name         Min   Pts   Shots   WinScore   GmScore    +-
Salmons       37     9      13       -1.5       1.5    -4
Thomas        28     9     7.8         12      10.4    -8
Miller        44    15    15.8        4.5       8.8     3
Martin        44    13    17.6         -2       4.5     8
Bibby         41    20      19        6.5      14.8    -5
Artest        33    15    14.8        3.5       9.2    -1
Abdur-Rahim   19     2     3.8          1       0.6    -7
Price         11     6       3        3.5       5.4     3
Williamson     4     2       2         -1       0.2     2

(Shots is 'field goal attempts x 0.44(free throw attempts.' WinScore is Dave Berri's game measurement, and GameScore is John Hollinger's game measurement. +- is the standard plus-minus.)

I would have loved to see some more Ronnie Price in the game. Salmons and Martin were hurting the team, and Price did little wrong. He could've kept a body on Wade as well as anyone else did (which is not well at all). The team's energy just seems to pick up when Price has the ball in his hands, and the team needed a dose of extra enegry last night.

There's no excuse for losses like that - not one ball call, not an off-shooting night (which happens pretty damn often, it seems). This team has no identity at all. Will it ever get one?