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Allow Him To Reintroduce Himself...

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His name is Bonzi. Forgot how much I loved that guy. Fourteen rebounds in 33 minutes. Also, three steals.

Here are some assorted thoughts:

  • I couldn't have been more ecstatic than when I saw the sign that read, "Today we spell redemption R-O-N." I deserve 20 lashes for not coming up with that out last week. No word on whether the fan threw down the Sharpie overly dramatically after finishing the sign.
  • The Bobby Jackson Memorial Award for the Biggest "WTF?" line off the bench: Kevin Martin, speedster, shooter, foul-drawer. Career-high 25 points in 24 fricking minutes. I like this kid. 25 points on nine damn shots. True shooting percentage? 99.8 percent. Holy hell.
  • Shareef Abdur-Rahim played a solid game, getting his 10 points on 5 for 9 shooting. No trips to the line, though. He has timer in his locker counting down to his wire-removal, right?
  • Our lineup for a stretch was 6'7 Francisco Garcia at the point, 6'5 Bonzi Wells at the two, 6'7 Kevin Martin at the three, 6'7 Corliss Williamson at the four and 6'9 Shareef Abdur-Rahim at center. Billy Knight yelped in glee, surely.
  • Two players I projected to start for the Nuggets did not play. Two platers I projected to start of the Kings did not start, and one did not play. Whoops.
  • The tandem of Ron-Ron Cunningham and Arthur Bonzarelli: 1-0.
  • Kenny Thomas, you have officially earned the title Mr. Double-Double. That's five straight for him, and six straight games with 10+ rebounds.
  • I don't want to go into this too much right now, but the anti-Artest sentiment from the local media (columnists, radio guys) is staggering. The fans I've talked love him, and the ovations he got last night bear that out. Has he done anything wrong in Sactown yet? I understand the people think cynicism is fun - I abuse the tool sometimes. But I swear. If I hear F.P. Santagelo chuckle at one more lame "Do they have a Pez dispenser filled with Prozac on the bench for him?" joke, I'll go on a rampage. The cheap laugh isn't worth making yourself look like a trite little fool, Sacramento sportstalk caller!
  • Brad, get well. Greg Ostertag awaits.
Is there a football game this week? Anyone?