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Home Sweet ARCO

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It took long enough.

Finally, the Kings are on track enough that a 25-point win over the lowly Hawks at ARCO isn't gasp-worthy - it's expected.

It's nice, sure. I'm not going to be the guy that starts taking winning for granted, not after the culture shock that was November, December and January. Every win is a great feeling, knowing that the team you root for is doing something right.

But remember when huge home wins over crap teams wasn't a big deal? They weren't huge sighs of relief? They weren't banner headlines? Well, this win feels like that. As ho-hum as a 25-point win can get, really. Artest was the best player on the court. Martin was back to his home whites best. Kenny Thomas was a monster, Brad was fantastic, Shareef and Francisco were terrific off the bench. It was fabulous...

...but expected. You don't need me to tell you that the Kings must beat teams like the Hawks to make the playoffs. And it's safe to say a majority of us think the Kings are capable of making the playoffs.

The only difference now is that the Kings need to start doing this on the road. Soon.

While we're here, how about a Goal Tracker update?

  • The Kings are exactly 0.5 games behind the Warriors for fourth place in the division. The W's host the Grizzlies tonight. Golden State is 14-13 at home, and the Grizzez are 12-15 on the road.
  • The Kings are again five games under .500, now with 31 games to go.
  • The Kings are 2.5 games out of the eight spot. The Lakers, Jazz and Warriors are all ahead of the Kings, the Lakers being the eighth place team.
  • Again, the Kings are 2.5 games behind the Lakers for third in the division.
  • The Bee said Sunday morning that the Kings need to go 19-13 to have a reasonable shot at the postseason. During that time, the Kings are now 1-0. (We'll keep track of this, kinda magic number like.)