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Aaah, Fourth Place

Never thought I'd be somewhat relieved to see the Kings in fourth place.

But there it is, beautiful fourth place. Well, tied for fourth place, if you're going to be technical. A win in Chicago tonight would give the Kings sole possession. And tomorrow, the Kings are in Memphis while the Warriors visit the Clippers.

Meanwhile, the Lakers held off Utah, which serves two purposes: the Lakers are now three full games out in front of the Kings for the eighth spot in conference/third in division, while the Jazz fall back to within 1.5 games of Sacramento.

The Grizzlies and Hornets are tied for sixth now. Without looking past the Chicago game tonight (which is probably the biggest game of the week as a winnable road contest), a win Wednesday is huge. HUGE.

Until then, I'm content knowing there's company in the cellar. Welcome, Golden State fans.