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Wednesday Morning Backup Shooting Guard

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With the nod to Peter King, here are the seven things I think I like about last night's win in Chicago:

  1. The W. On the road. Oh yes.
  2. Sole possession of fourth place. I don't mean to be crass, but um, suck it Warriors fans.
  3. Mike Bibby. Or as Grant Napear would probably say it, "Myyyyyke Bibbeeeeee." Or as Jerry Reynolds would say, "The Bibbilicious Bibbinator." 31 points on 12 of 22 shooting isn't shockingly great or anything - it's very good and it's welcome. Hope to see it more often, actually.
  4. Bee-rad Miller with a terrific all-around game - 13 points on lackluster shooting (the Bulls kept a hand in his face, with tends to rattle B-52 a lot), 11 boards and eight big assists. Is there any doubt that earlier this season, Brad would've just had a crappy game if his shot wasn't working. This finding a way to make a positive impact is pleasant.
  5. A round of applause for Kenny Thomas please. 16 and 13, including six (6!) offensive rebounds. Why can't he play like this off the bench? Infuriating.
  6. Ronnie, of course. A Garnettesque 27 and 14, along with incredible defense. The three steals and one block in the boxscore don't do the man justice. The Bulls' 41.2 FG% might.
  7. THE Kevin Martin. Yeah, it was his worst game in ages. But he stuck with it and didn't get down. He started something like 0 for 5, but hit some big shots in overtime to get the team the W. That says a lot, taking the important shots in a big game when your stroke is a bit off. It says tons.
Here are three things I think I didn't like:
  1. The United Center was cold and quiet. How uninspiring. Shame on you, Chicago fans. (Like my King impersonation yet?)
  2. Seeing Joe and Gavin Maloof in the midst of trading one of their favorite guys on the team. I was actually pretty excited when I found out Ahmad Rashad happened to be filming the Maloofs when Peja-Artest went down. It sounded fun to get a look inside. After seeing some of it last night at the half, I felt really uncomfortable. Like a voyeur watching a trainwreck. I couldn't look away, but damn. I'm not sure if I have more or less respect for the Maloofs now. What do y'all think?
  3. Jason Hart, who has seriously been the biggest disappointment of the season by far. I know he hasn't been getting any run, and only got in for six minutes last night. But he really adds little if anything to this team right now. I was waaaaay off when we traded for him. Waaaaay off. (I still think it was necessary. I just thought Hart was going to be, you know, good.)
Aah, fourth place. By ourselves. It feels nice, doesn't it?