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We need an ambulance! Quick!

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Hurry! Joe DeRosa swallowed his whistle, he's choking! Hurry, the Heimlich manuever!

What the disappointing fourth quarter. With the Kings unable to hit anything from outside, save two Mike Bibby jumpers and a Francisco Garcia foot-on-the-line bomb, they had to keep going inside. On transition, off screens - they kept looking to get into the lane, and rightfully so.

Apparently, though, the Zebra Crew was suffering from shortsightedness, not unable to see a number of highly questionable "blocks." The worst ones were the last one on Kevin Martin, and the open floor block of Shareef. There was more contact on the those plays than at my senior prom. (Don't laugh, it's true.)

Sactown could've kept fourth place to themselves, went into the All-Star break on a hot 7 for 9 roll, and gotten within 2 of the Lakers and 3 of .500.

Instead, back to familiar stoop of five games under, back to the familiar smell of the cellar, back to being an outside chance to make the playoffs. Bleh.