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ALL-STAR WEEKEND Special Open Thread

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Mike Bibby's in Disneyland with his kids, Brad Miller is carrying a crossbow around some marsh, Shareef Abdur-Rahim is drinking protein shakes and pumping iron, Ron Artest is peddling CDs and Rick Adelman is enjoying a nice seafood dinner.

It's break time.

Let's get some predictions out of the way, shall we?

Andre Iguodala, who scored 30 in Friday's Rook-Soph game.
Nate Robinson, who is short (in case you haven't heard).
Josh Smith, defending champion and noted Nique fan.
Hakin Warrick, power dunker extraordinaire.

TZ's PREDICTION: Iguodala. It's setting up as one of those weekends for Iggy. Like when Peja won the shootout and Gerald Wallace almost took home the dunk title.* Good ole days.

Ray Allen, noted actor.
Chauncey Billups, survived the University of Colorado without criminal charges.
Dirk Nowitzki, friend of the MVP.
Quentin Richardson, defending champion and New York Knick.
Jason Terry, the MVP's Dirky replacement.
Gilbert Arenas, former snub and replacement for Raja Bell (family illness).

TZ'S PREDICTION: Arenas. In fact, I think Arenas will dominate this competition. It won't even be close.

LeBron James, purveyor of quality shoes.
Steve Nash, defending champion and reigning MVP.
Chris Paul, TZ's draft-day prediction for Rookie of the Year.
Dwyane Wade, faster than a speeding bullet.

TZ'S PREDICTION: Paul. CP3 might be the most technically sound but least spectacular of the three. It'd be a great win to get the kid some more exposure (even though everyone hates the Skills Challenge). I actually love the Skills Challenge. It might be my favorite All-Star weekend activity that doesn't include a steel pole.

East, led by Shaq Daddy, AI and LBJ.
West, led by The MVP, The Black Mamba and some dudes from Houston.

TZ'S PREDICTION: East. Diesel and The Answer are fantastic together. Add in LeBron, Flash, The Truth and Vinsanity, and you have a pretty good team. (And, oh yeah, four Pistons? I'm praying to see the Detroit Four and LeBron on the floor at the same time.) Kobe and McGrady could go nuts, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Post your predictions for these meaningless events in the comments, as well as any thoughts you have while watching the coverage. The first three events are tonight starting at 5 p.m. PST, the All-Star is on the same time tomorrow.

Oh, and think any Kings could compete in any of these contests? I'd love to see Brian Skinner in the Skills Challenge, personally. Also, Ron Artest in the All-Star game could be fun, given the level of attention he would garner.

Have fun! We'll be back, rested and relaxed, Monday morning!

* An earlier version of this post said GW won the title. Carl corrected me. He should've won, but some Warriors performed favors for the judges, one of whom was a heel-wearing Lisa Leslie. If it's that important to you, Mr. Richardson.