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Sassy New Sister Site

SBNation's water broke again, the trollop.

This time, out came Golden State of Mind, a new Warriors blog brought to you by the fellas behind previously excellent Golden St. Warriors BLOG.

This is the fourth NBA blog on SBNation. We have, um, like 26 to go before the Hoops Caucus catches up to the MLB contingent.

So go over and give GSoM a hearty hello. Then, remind them they're very close to being in last place.

Update [2006-2-2 16:35:30 by TZ]: Just strolled past SBNation ringleader Athletics Nation, where I saw that their drive to buy season tickets for some Oakland charities has raised a whopping $4,500. This was in about a week. Absolutely astonishing. A blogger and his trusty readers whipping up that kind of money to help their team and their citie's children is beyond fantastic. Kudos to A's Nation.