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GAME 54/82: vs. Golden State, Open Game Thread

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Wake up, y'all. A visit from the Dubs is upon us.

Along with it is a prolonged glimpse at what all Kings fans cheered for when Baron-for-Speedy-and-spare-parts went down a year ago: Baron in a suit and tie with a nagging back/hamstring/ankle/toenail injury.

Derek Fisher ain't chopped liver. But he ain't chopped sirloin, either. So consider me giddy that The Baron of Westwood is likely sitting this one out.

To the lineups!

PG - Deke Fisher
SG - Jason Richardson
SF - Mike Pietrus
PF - Zarko Cabarkapa? (Kidding. Troy Murphy is out, though. Ike Diogu?)
C  - Adonal Foyle, pride of the Patriot League.

PG - Mike "Not in a Gang" Bibby
SG - Kevin "Play-uh" Martin
SF - Ron-Ron "Tru Warrier" Artest
PF - Kenny "Don't Call Me Eeyore" Thomas
C  - Brad "Northside Kendallville, Beeyotch" Miller

The line: -7.5. The Kings, heavy favorites? Try it on for size.

Fun bet o' the night: How many announcers/writers/fans will be so quick to leap to a conclusion of "Playoffs, baby" if the Kings are sharp and win tonight? 100%? 99%? 98.7% has to be the O/U line.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: B-Diddy's duds, of course. I hear he has a contract item appropriating franchise funds for his suits. Because, you know, he wears them to games often.

Best matchup: Brad and Reef vs. GSW's bigs. Brad could go for 25/15/10. In fact, I'm predicting he will.

Goal tracker update: The Kings sit a half game behind the Warriors for fourth in the Pacific and five games under .500. Sacramento has won eight straight at home.

Loud and proud, optimistic Kings fans! (Have you seen the poll results?) Let's do it! Show those Easy Bay weenies what Sactown's all about!