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Cellar Dwellers No More

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Did anyone really think one guy would change the Kings' defense this much?

I was shocked (SHOCKED!) when I looked at the team's defensive efficiency in the last 10 games (all with Artest) versus Sacramento's first 44 contests (only two with Artest).

That's essentially night and day. According to 82games, the Kings have a defensive efficiency of 95.4 when Ron-Ron is on the floor. When he's not? (This includes pre-trade and current bench time.) 107.9.

That is 12.5 points per 100 possessions! (A typical game consists of 90-110 possessions per team, so 100 possessions is a convenient and common sense estimator.) The guy makes a difference of 12.5 points per game, on defense!

(It's worth noting as well that the Kings offense is 2 points per 100 possessions better with Ron than without him, as well.)

Anyone got a cloning device?

Other notes:

  • Check out the Goal Tracker. That's right. One down, three to go.
  • Just below the Goal Tracker, you'll see the diaries section. Honestly, diaries are the coolest feature afforded by the Scoop software that manages this and other SBNation sites, so I'm going to try to kickstart the usage over there. I have a diary up on the Bonzi trade rumors, including my thoughts on Earl Watson. Check it out.
  • Speaking of SBNation, there's a new football blog up for you Indianans. is the new home for Colts fans looking for great writing and the interactivity you've come to love about SBNation has a whole. (Personally, I'll be spending my non-Kings time starting in March at McCovey Chronicles, very simply the best SF Giants community anywhere.)
  • There aren't tons of home games coming up, but I want to remind you that I'm always looking for reader-submitted photos of the team, the arena or any ARCO celebrity sightings. Send them to tziller AT Also, I could use a good frontal face shot of Mark Kreidler for a Photoshop project I'm working on. Anyone having lunch at The Press Club?
  • Anyone remotely interested in Sacramento real estate should be reading the excellent Sacramento Land(ing) daily. Absolutely the best Sactown real estate blog, by far. Ten times better than sifting through The Bee and the Sacramento Business Journal.