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House? Protected.

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We'll discuss the domination in more depth Wednesday morning (trust us), but let us just bring your attention to a couple numbers:

  • 31.9%. (Golden State's field goal percentage.)
  • 17. (Points for the Kings' high-scorer, Brad Miller.)
  • 102. (Total points for Sacramento, invoking at least two takes at the individual players' scoring totals and one audible "WTF? How'd they get 102?")
  • 15, 7 and 0. (Points, rebounds and turnovers for one Shareef Abdur-Rahim in 23 minutes, mere days from he and his jaws double-date with Zach Randolph and Destiny.)
  • 9. (Points for Jason Hart, in an attempt to prove Earl Watson ain't necessary.)
  • 4, 17. (Combined made field goals, attempts from recent high draft picks Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Ike Diogu.)
  • 8, 17. (Combined made field goals, attempts from recent low first round picks Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia.)
  • 0.5. (Games Sacramento is ahead of the Golden State Warriors in the race for the playoffs.)
I love this game.