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Just to answer Kobe's commercial:

I hate you. And your game. And your fadeaway. And your drive. And you.

I also hate early onset pneumonia, which I may or may not be suffering from right now. Speaking of pneumonia, my new nickname for Sergei Monia is "Da Monia," pronounced like "pneumonia." I love Robitussin. Robitussin Robitussin Robitussin.

That was a highly important game. You lose these games against the teams in striking distance, and you end up relying on said teams losing down the stretch. You'd prefer to control your own destiny.

Still, a loss last night isn't the end of the world. Our offense looked horrible. I trust our defense to continue to improve with some hiccups like Thursday along the way. But there's no way our offense should recess into the crud we saw last night. No spacing, no flow, no awareness. Just cringe-worthy.

No worries, though. Shareef's Revenge comes Monday.