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New Feature: All-Time Sacramento Kings Career Statistics

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I've finished compiling a database of Sacramento-era statistics, and it's available for anyone to download. Visit the new All-Time Sacramento Kings Leaders page, where I have a number of career top-10 lists, to download the database.

The database is a simple Excel spreadsheet, so you can sort by category in both season and career numbers and create your own statistics, like to find out which Sacramento King had the most fouls per minute (Bill Wennington, by the way).

On the All-Time page, which you can always access via the "links" section on the sidebar, I currently have just a handful of top-10s up. When I get a bit more time, I'm going to add some per-game, shooting and seasonal lists. It'll also be cool to see who's approaching who on the all-time lists (Brad Miller is approaching the top 10 in blocks this season). And it should be valuable when we all debate my top 25 Sacramento Kings of all-time this offseason.

So, check it out!

(Also, in case you skipped The Bee, check out Marcos Breton's awesome feature on Francisco. It'd be impossible not to root for the kid.)