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Brian Skinner, Stud Center

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Assorted thoughts from a thoroughly lopsided contest:

  • It only took Brian Skinner, like, four months to get enough playing time to actually have a good game. Good for him.
  • How bad are the Portland Trailblazers that Brian Skinner was their best offensive weapon by far? Yikes.
  • No one King stood out, really. Kevin Martin got a good portion of his points on those fantastic transition plays, so it didn't seem to add up. Brad Miller was vintage 2003-04 with the near triple-double. Ronnie and Mike were solid, and Shareef was fantastic. I think the game ball goes to KT, though. Smacking Zach Randolph in the jaw and sucking in rebounds like a Dyson. I love this guy.
  • Steve Blake and Sebastian Telfair. What a conundrum.
  • Zach Randolph has to be the worst max contract player not hampered by a serious injury ever. Is Z-Bo even tradeable to the Knicks? What an inconsistent, unspectacular player.
  • I was going to wait to finish this post until I see if one of the Mike-to-Kevin alley-oops made the Sportscenter Top-10, but eh. I'll update in the comments.
  • I agree with everyone saying that the upcoming five-game roadie makes or breaks the season. My only question is: what defines success? With the way this squad is playing in ARCO, can a 2-3 road trip keep SAC in the hunt? At Atlanta is a must-win, and I'm sure the Kings can will themselves to a victory in Milwaukee or D.C. or New Jersey. At Cleveland is going to be tough, but not impossible. Those earlier heartbreakers at Charlotte, Boston, Toronto and Orlando would be nice to have in the win column right now.
  • Poor Kevin Garnett. Seriously. Did this guy slaughter a puppy or something as a child? And that guy, not accepting the apology from The Ticket, likely holding out for a settlement offer instead? What a joke.