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Mike Bibby's Late-February Travel Plans

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Short version: Book the flight to LAX, not Houston, Mike.

Long version: After reading Joe Davidson's assessment of Bibby's qualifications and personal feelings on the subject, I decided to do a statistical comparison of Bibby and the general consensus All-Star guards in the West not named Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash (who were selected as starters).

Here goes:

Player         PPG    RPG    APG      eFG/TS%    PER
Mike Bibby    21.1    3.0    5.5    50.1/55.1   18.1
Ray Allen     25.0    4.2    3.5    53.1/57.7   22.8
Tony Parker   19.4    3.7    5.7    55.3/58.0   22.0
Manu Ginobili 15.5    3.7    3.2    53.9/60.7   24.7
Baron Davis   19.2    4.6    9.4    45.2/49.2   19.3
J Richardson  22.8    5.8    2.4    51.1/53.6   19.4
Sam Cassell   17.8    3.9    6.4    46.9/53.7   19.0

Davidson said that "statistics support the argument for Bibby's All-Star choice." That's clearly not the case.

  • You have to figure at most three of the seven reserves will be guards.
  • You only have to have two guard reserve selections, and with the logjam at forward (Elton Brand, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitski, Kevin Garnett, Shawn Marion, Rashard Lewis), two might be all you get in favor of an extra forward.
  • Ray Allen is a clear-cut All-Star choice. No question about it. If he doesn't get picked, there should be riots in the Emerald City. Even if the Sonics sucks this year.
  • Tony Parker is having the best season of his career on the best team in the conference. He's clearly the second fiddle to a perennial All-Star starter. He deserves it more than Manu (who has been injured off and on), and should get the nod.
  • Jason Richardson and Baron Davis are both having solid statistical years. Each probably deserves the All-Star berth more than Bibby.
  • I'd take Bibby over Sam Cassell at this point - statistically, they're a push. But Bibby's a better shooter. Cassell, however, will get picked over Bibby by the coaches at this point because his team is doing significantly better and Sam's nearing the end of his career.
So, in conclusion, not only will Mike Bibby not get an All-Star berth, he doesn't really merit one right now. There are several guards in the West having a better season.

I hope he has fun in Disneyland, though. The new Space Mountain is awesome.

(Note: This saddens me, because I was trying to help The All-Star Mike Bibby Bandwagon pick up some steam. It just doesn't work out. That he's never made a team is an absolute crime.)