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Ron-Ron's Diet

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From your local Lloyd Grove Light, Mr. R.E. Graswich:

Media accounts of a visit by Kings newcomer Ron Artest to Morton's steakhouse downtown told only part of the tale. Artest wolfed down shrimp Alexander, jumbo lump crab meat cocktail, Caesar salad, baked potato and a whopping 3 1/2-pound shelled lobster, said Morton's spokeswoman Emily Wilson.

A 268-pound pro athlete that's trying to cut some pounds while still needing a lot of calorie intake due to, you know, being a pro athlete eats a bunch of seafood. Shocking.

Graswich redeems himself with an interesting note:

But the real question is whether he washed it down with beer. "Actually, he drank hot tea," Emily said. "We thought that was kind of boring."

It's not boring, it's nuanced. And it's very Sacramento.

(By the way, waiters hate nothing more than hot tea. It's three times the work of a soft drink or cocktail. Easily. I know from experience.)

During the snippet I heard of Graswich on The Rise Guys this morning, he mentioned he'll be following up with Artest's Sactown beverages of choice in his column next week. I might stop reading if Arnold Palmer or Shirley Temple are mentioned.

(Also, what a job Emily Wilson has. A PR flak for a steakhouse is freaking Sacramento. Some people are truly blessed.)