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GAME 46/82: at Utah, Open Game Thread

The vaunted home-and-home with the Jazz is upon us!

A quick of miscellaneous things real quick...

  • New poll. In the last one, 84 percent of respondents said they were excited about The Ron Artest Era. Fifteen percent said they were not. One percent apparently live in Ohio. (Sorry in advance, dccamp.)
  • Goal Tracker update: The Kings are one game behind the fourth place Warriors. Golden State's miraculous slide to Bolivian came roughly a month earlier than I expected. Good show, chaps.
  • This weekend's odd home-and-home with Utah is the second of the season. The first one was a November split with Denver.
  • After reading a whole lot from the again prolific Bill Simmons this week, I'm stunned he hasn't broached Ron-Ron in Sactown yet. Just to remind everyone, this is what he said about the Kings' personnel in his NBA preview:
    "... has there ever been a more depressing team than the Kings? All of these guys carry themselves like Charlie Sheen in "Ferris Bueller" -- you might not see a single smile from a Kings starter this season. (Poor Rick Adelman should just start dressing in all black like Richard Lewis.) Seriously, I like Geoff Petrie, but how could he slap together a nucleus like that without passing out complimentary Prozac during games? I'm depressed just writing about these guys -- instead of warmup jackets in the layup lines, they should wear trench coats. I see these guys playing the part of brooding underachievers for a few months, then Adelman getting fired and being replaced by either Katie Couric or Richard Simmons."

    Nice call. But come on! Ron Artest - the craziest guy in pro sports since LT's prime - is now on this team. As the father of modern sportswriting, Simmons owes us a clever reference.

  • I think I'm rooting for Seattle. I like Matt Hasselback - his coin flip thing against the Packers is easily the funniest sports event I've ever seen. He deserves some retribution.
To the lineups!

PG - Deron Williams: Not Chris Paul.
SG - Matt Harpring
SF - Andrei Kirilenko, the white Shawn Marion.
PF - Carlos Boozer? Is he playing this week, or is he off?
C  - Mehmet Okur, possible All-Star.

PG - Mike "Professional scorer" Bibby
SG - Arthur Bonzarelli
SF - Ron-Ron Cunningham
PF - Kenneth Cornelius Thomas
C  - Shareef The Cursed? Brian Skinner? Brad Miller and his broken thumb?

The line: +3.5. I'd take the Kings. This line should probably be 2.5 or even 2. If this game was in Sacramento, wouldn't you expect the Kings to be favored by at least 4?

Fun bet o' the night: I don't believe this. I actually don't believe this. On Bodog right now, you can get better odds (12/1) that Kobe will score 60+ against Charlotte than Kobe scoring less than 20 (18/1). Absolutely astounding. One turned ankle, and that's a good bet. And yes, this is a landmark moment for NBA betting.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Rick Adelman is reportedly going to strap Shareef down a little bit. I'm for this. The wires are getting removed Wednesday - he'll be back to bronze statue status within two weeks, no doubt. Let him take it easy against the Jazz.

Best matchup: Sacramento's bigs vs. Mehmet Okur. He's on a roll. Stop him, please.

Did Ron-Ron find any good shellfish in the Great Salt Lake? Did Bibby go Deron Williams on Park City? Is Kevin Martin's hand literally on fire? Find out tonight!

Let's go Kings!