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Don't Get Brad Miller Angry.

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Wow. So did someone on the Grizzlies sleep with Brad Miller's sister or something? The last couple minutes of that game was something out of a Hitchcock movie. Hope the kids were in bed.

(For those that missed it: Brad and Brian "The Custodian" Cardinal get tangled up, exchange elbows and plesantries. Brad scores 10 straight points to bury the Grizzlies and parties with the ARCO crowd. Debauchery is had.)

Poor Kevin Martin is going to get overshadowed by Big Brad, even though Speed played as close to a flawless game as I've seen all season. Seven for eight from the field, including four of five from three and four of four from the line. 22 points on eight shots. Only put up three attempts in the second half. Six rebounds and four assists, a block and just one turnover. Beautiful.

Bibby put up 14 points, 10 assists and seven boards. Francisco also played well (11 points, 4-5 shooting). Ron-Ron put up a lot of shots. He and Kenny also turned it over a bunch.

But man oh man. That Brad Miller guy. He's good. We should keep him around.