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GAME 62/82: vs Memphis, Open Game Thread

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Another hellacious five days of work are wrapping up. As such, an abbreviated pre-game hype thread. Your comments, as always, are much appreciated.

To the lineups!

PG - Chucky "The Matador" Atkins
SG - Dahntay "Who?" Jones
SF - Shane "Olympian?" Battier
PF - "Pow" Gasol
C  - Jake "I'm Jake Tsakalidis, bitch" Tsakalidis

PG - Myyyyyyke Byyyyyyyybby, the Bibbilicious Bibbinator
SG - Speedracer
SF - Mr. Beast
PF - Kenneth Cornelius, double-double machine.
C  - Brad "Now THAT'S an Olympian" Miller

The line: -5.5. These teams have been pretty close this season. But Sacramento has been unstoppable at home.

Fun bet o' the night: Ron Artest points, after those two muted offensive performances? +/- 24.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Will Bibby even be guarded in the game? Mike Fratello might just ignore him since they have no one that can stay with the Bibbilicious Bibbinator.

Best matchup: Mike Miller versus Bonzi Wells. If Miller plays well, the Grizz can win. If he doesn't, I don't think Memphis has a reasonable shot.

Goal tracker update: The Kings are 1.5 behind the Hornets and Lakers for eighth place. The Lakers are in San Antonio tonight while the Hornets host Indiana. Also, the Kings can get to .500 for the first time, like, ever. (Short memories, I know.) Also, go Kings.

The 300th consecutive sell-out is upon us. Let's do it!