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Thug Life.

Mike Bibby started hot, Bonzi Wells ended hot.

In between, it was a whole lot of cold.

Forty-seven combined for Team Mr. Clean. (Sorry Vitaly; you've been voted out.) Ron Artest and Brad Miller didn't shoot particularly well, Kenny Thomas wasn't particularly active until the fourth quarter (where he was great), and Shareef Abdur-Rahim's minutes almost seemed wasted, save a couple point-saving fouls.

Jason Hart, surprisingly, was rather productive. The Hitman was 2 for 4 for 4 points and zero turnovers. He shot a bit of stability into a team that was spiraling into sloppiness. This is really what we should hope for from Hart when his rare minutes inevitably come up in this back-to-backs.

Vitaly managed to get in three personal fouls in four minutes of play. Big Nasty (remember him?) had only a turnover in his 33 seconds or so.

And that Kevin Martin kid we're always propping up? Looked good in a suit. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Andrei Kirilenko had a quietly amazing game (15 points, 14 boards, 10 blocks). He's a worse ball-handler than I thought, though. That whole team lacks solid ballhandling skills, save Deron Williams. The team could really use a Brevin Knight type to set up Mehmet Okur and AK47 and Boozer (who, by the way, also had a really quiet good game - 19 and 16).

The technical on Ron-Ron was bullshit beyond belief, though I was happy to see his calm reaction. Few Kings would have carried themselves so well in the situation. Shareef and Bonzi both might have immediately incited a second tech.

The Kings were really lucky to come away with the win, all things considered. Chalk it up to toughness, to rough will. Chalk it up to The New Kings Mentality.