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I used to like that guy, Adonal Foyle. I read John Feinstein's The Last Amateurs in high school, and it remains one of my favorite hoops books to this day.

But screw Adonal Foyle, man. And Mike Dunleavy, too. These guys are honestly scrubs about 65-70 games out of a season. But when the Kings comes to town, or when they visit Sacramento, they turn into All-Stars. Maybe it's our typically lackluster inside defense. Maybe it's our faulty defensive rebounding. It's something, and it costs us games.

Nothing about "Fisher/Richardson/Dunleavy/Murphy/Foyle" says "a loss is impending," especially in ARCO. But you let a team lead the game by 15 for three quarters, and maybe their confidence improves. When you eventually and inevitably make your run, they think they're so good they can deny you. And they do.

I think the Bonzi ejection (that's real a bullshit league rule in the wake of Garnett's ordeal, by the way) hurt in one regard: rebounding. BWells is always an extra body floating around the rim, something Francisco Garcia is only half the time and something Jason Hart certainly is not. And really, the Kings were one, maybe two, key defensive rebounds away from a chance at overtime.

Hart played a second consecutive terrific game, though. Four assists to one turnover. Didn't shot too much. Played active defense on Fish and Will Bynum (who is decidedly less under control than college-skipped Monta Ellis).

Brad Miller's in a terrible slump. I'm praying Ron-Ron isn't falling into something similar. We can't afford that. Shareef dominated the GSW bigs in stretches, but could've used a Kenny Thomas alongside him during the comeback stretch run. (Brad wasn't doing anything.) There were a couple of points when it seems Francisco was going to take over, but he just didn't get it going. Bibby hit two clutch shots, but missed about five of them. Still, I wouldn't want anyone else taking them.

The rematch in Oakland this week just became a must-win. Not necessarily for playoffs implications - the Jazz are way back and the Hornets are sliding. But for my own sanity. I just can't take losing to the f*cking Warriors.