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Air Jordan Invitational Update

Here's a quick update on how things stand in the first round of the 2006 SBNation Air Jordan Invitational:

Over at Blazer's Edge, Vince Carter's "My Old Coach Couldn't Dunk" ad for Nike is leading Kobe Bryant's very evil "Love/Hate" workout video 60%-40%. Click here to vote in this matchup if you haven't already.

The margin is the same at Pounding the Rock, with LeBron James's sole entry in the invitational leading Tracy McGrady's ad. (Interesting that TMac can overcome all those obstacles, but not a sore back. Hmm.) Click here to vote in this matchup.

At Blog-a-Bull, Michael Jordan is unsuprisingly stomping the crap out of the Air Apparent. MJ's Nike ad that features youngsters acting out some of #23's most famous plays is whooping Dwyane Wade's "Fall Seven Times" commercial by a 90% to 9%. Ouch. Is Flash going to get up from that one? Click here to vote on this matchup.

And, of course, if you haven't yet voted in our matchup, where Kevin Garnett's Oscar nominee is leading Amare's high school buddies steadily. If you haven't yet voted, click here to do so.

Voting on all these matchups ends Wednesday night, so just do it. Ahem.