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GAME 71/82: vs Washington, Open Game Thread

The Bullets are in town! Put your track shoes on!

PG - Gil Arenas
SG - Caron Butler
SF - Jared Jeffries
PF - Antawn Jamison
C  - Etan Thomas

PG - Mike Bibby
SG - Kevin Martin/Bonzi Wells
SF - Ron Artest
PF - Kenny Thomas
C  - Brad Miller, Cyborg

The line: -7.5. Eh.

Fun bet o' the night: Immigration protest in ARCO? That'd be fun. How does Francisco Garcia feel about the issue?

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Watching Bibby, Miller and Artest all break out of slumps should be fun.

Best matchup: Bibby vs. Gilbert. At least 50 shots will be taken.

Let's do it! We must protect this house!