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GAME 73/82: at Golden State, Open Game Thread

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I really hate losing to the Warriors.

In fact, Sactown Royalty's official "I Hate Losing To... List":

  1. The Los Angeles Lakers
  2. Chris Webber
  3. <insert Rick Adelman's 2006 team here>
  4. The Golden State Warriors
  5. The Sacramento Monarchs (It may happen sometime this decade.)
So, you should that a loss in Oakland tonight would make me really, really cranky. It's not just the rivalry thing. It's the playoff implications as the Kings make a run at L.A. for #7 and fend off Utah and NOOCH! for #8. It's the bragging rights around the office divided by Bay Area natives and Sacramento natives. It's rather intense dislike for Mike Dunleavy. It's the thought that upon the first Warriors-Kings match of 06-07, multiple media previews will throw out the whole "Golden State has won six out of the last eight matchups with the Kings" thing.

So really, my simple hatred of losing to the Warriors is a minor factor in my pleading for a win tonight. It's a situation much bigger than me.

And, it's a must-win on the road. Fun.

Well, not I've completely depressed myself, I guess it's onto the lineups. Bleh.

PG - Mike Bibby
SG - Bonzi Wells
SF - Ron Artest
PF - Kenny Thomas
C  - Brad Miller

PG - Derek Fisher
SG - Jason Richardson
SF - Mikey Pietrus (He looks like a Mikey, dammit.)
PF - Troy Murphy
C  - Adonal Foyle

The line: -3. Seems like a perfect candidate for a toss-up game to me. Has Vegas begun to overestimate the Kings, despite the recent road woes? (Ignore the two in a row.)

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: For the record, Friday will likely be the Warriors' 17th game without Baron Davis. If I said "told ya so," would I be considered a jerk? Eh, who cares. Told ya so.

Best matchup: Diogu and Biedrins vs. Shareef and Miller. The Oakland pair played well in last week's match. Shareef needs to get out on Ike to neutralize the threat, and absue the hell out of the kid on the other end. Veteran cageyness will win out, I'm sure.

Playoff update: The Kings are 1.5 games behind the Lakers, who visit Seattle tonight. The Kings are 1.5 ahead of the Jazz, who visit the Clippers tonight, and 2 games ahead of the Hornets, who host hot Memphis shortly. (Good lord it's a tight race. I thought we vanquished the Jazz last week?)

Alright, 7:30 start on News10. Let's go Kings!