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GAME 59/82: at Washington, Open Game Thread

Nothing like a radio-only Sunday morning 10 a.m. start to get your blood flowing!

(I'm not really going to complain too much, because I remember 1994. I remember seeing like 10 games a season, and having to read about the rest. But come on, ABC. It can't be that hard to pick a game and fix the schedule so games you don't pick can be seen by the home markets. Especially right now, where it's all minor conference college basketball and spring training. It's not as bad the NFL, certainly. I couldn't see four times as many Raiders games as Kings game this season. But still. Fix it, dammit.)

Be sure to tune into the dulcet tones of Gary Gerould this morning. (Unless they decide to stick Grant Napear on the telecast, too. Which would be a crime against Gerould and humanity both. Don't botch it, KHTK!)

This win would be magnificently huge. A loss would be acceptable, so long as no one gets hurt. A win is preferred though, especially considering the Lakers (the Lakers!) beat Detroit last night.

To the lineups!

PG - King Michael I
SG - Kevin Dallas Martin, most improved player candidate
SF - Ron Artest, beastly man
PF - Kenny Thomas, rebounding specialist
C  - Congressman Brad Miller

PG - Gilbert
SG - Caron Butler
SF - Antwan Jamison
PF - Jared Jeffries
C  - Brendan Haywood

The line: Even. Haven't had one of those in a while. As a purely unbiased spectator, I'd probably put a couple of the home team in such situations. But then again, I'm not really an unbiased spectator.

Fun bet o' the night: Anyone want to give Gilbert Arenas points a go? I'll say -25. (Not negative 25 points. Under 25 points. Yeah.)

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: I would like to hear the educated Shareef Abdur-Rahim and the educated Etan Thomas discuss race relations between Americans of Arabic and African heritage, personally. But I'll settle for playing the "Guess Which King Will Forget His Headband in the Hotel Game." Money on Bonzi today. There's no way Bibby leaves his again, and Brad's already done it twice this season. (Oh yeah, we need to get Potapenko a headband. Someone work on this.)

Best matchup: Kevin Martin vs. Caron Butler. Would anyone have thought Kevin would possibly be better than this guy a year-and-a-half ago? Yeesh.

Goal tracker update: Two games below .500. Two games behind Los Lakers. Tied with Le Jazz. Twenty-four games left.

Let's do it again! That elusive four-game winning streak is within grasp! Whip those Zards!

(And yes, there will be a treatise on Sac State athletics Monday morning. Prepare yourself.)