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Did I say two wins was all that was necessary on this trip?

You win on the road, and it's encouraging. You win against a playoff team/division leader on the road, and it's really encouraging. You blow out a playoff team/division leader by 25 on the road, and yeah. It's really damn encouraging.

The ease with which the Kings pulled away towards the end of the second quarter and throughout the third was inspiring. No one was necessarily super-human, and that's what was great. Everyone just did their job - hit shots, find the open man, play defense, protect the ball. A work of art, really.

This team is well on its way, in my opinion. To where? That remains to be seen.

What do you all think is the limit of where this team can go this season? Out of the first round? Conference semis? Which Western Conference teams can the Kings beat in a seven-game series in the playoffs?