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Scoreboard Watching

Utah beat Houston as Yao broke his foot. Utah moves to 38-39, 2.5 games behind the Kings and Lakers with five games left.

The Hornets got LeBron'd though, losing at home to Cleveland at the buzzer. NOOCH! falls to 37-40, 3.5 games out of the playoffs.

So, since the Jazz take over sole possession of ninth, the magic number for the Kings to clinch the playoffs is 2. Remember, the Kings have the tiebreaker over Utah. So if for some reason the Kings go 2-2 and the Jazz go 5-0, the Kings are still in.

Things look bleak for New Orleans/Oklahoma City/Baton Rouge/Norman. They had a nice run, though. Golf clap for the Hornets, ladies and gentlemen. Show some class.