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GAME 79/82: vs Phoenix, Open Game Thread

Let's go with three reasons why this is a huge game, in reverse order of importance:

  1. The Lakers play Golden State tonight in Los Angeles. This is more of a 'gimme' than Tara Reid after a couple of mojitos. (A couple of mojitos for her, that is.) In fact, I might as well just change The Show's record in the 'Playoff Race' box right now.... (Unless, of course, Derek Fisher decides to single-handedly give Kobe the middle-finger for the gravy train disembarkment. Ladies and gentlemen, I will be rooting for Mike Dunleavy Jr. tonight. That is all you need to know.) I'll wait on updating the box, thanks.
  2. Momentum looks best in purple. Well, royal purple. Not, um, solar purple. You don't have to end the season on a seven-game winning streak to feel good in a week and a half, but it'd be nice. (Wait, the playoffs start in a week and a half? Holy crap! Get the face-paint, dear...) Also, winning today prevents a whole heck of a lot of Phoenix momentum going into the postseason. Which leads us to...
  3. If all goes according to plan, you and the Phoenix Suns will be hooking up for four to seven dates in a week and a half. You need to let them know now that you're in control. None of the namby-pamby holding hands bullsh*t. There will be no frolicking, "Ring Around the Rosies," Doug Moe type crap going on. Only hardcore hoops. HARDCORE. Set the tone now. Unleash the dark mark. Make them fear the Team of Anger.
The tip is at 7. Ahem...