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Napear & Reynolds: Above Average Broadcasters?

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The best national hoops columnist in the biz, Kelly Dwyer, has a great look at the NBA play-by-play and color analysts around the country on today.

Here's an excerpt of what Dwyer says about Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds, whom he gives a 'B':

"I like listening to (Napear), but he comes across as a bit dour sometimes. He doesn't easily abandon his grudges, either, which is only admirable if your wife was stabbed by a one-arm man and you were framed for her murder."

(That, by the way, is why Dwyer is so fun to read. He definitely passes the Simmons test for sportswriters.) Read the whole thing. It's in three parts (start here) and includes some national broadcasters we're all familiar with.

And while I think I know the answer to this, I'll ask anyways: What grade would you give GNaps and Hoosier Jerry? And explain yourself.