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New Carnival!

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For plenty of Friday reading, check out the newest Carnival of the NBA at The Basketball Jones. You get a sense of what people have been talking about around the nation (and in, well, Canada).

On another, slightly unrelated note: Today's my last day at my current job. The good news: I make more money starting Monday, so weekend shifts tending bar  will no longer keep me from my T.V. (and, uh, my wife). The bad news: I no longer work 5 minutes from home, so yeah.

I'll be rather busy today wrapping up loose ends, and I'll be nonexistant Monday, unravelling new ropes. I will around over the weekend (in between long Catholic masses at St. Mary's), so expect some content.

(I will also likely be looking for a second front-page poster once next season arrives, since open game threads might be a little more difficult at the new job. Things will be gravy over the offseason, though.)