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Rejoice, Capitol City! Rejoice!

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Shareef: What curse? No one deserves it more.
Ron-Ron: Most ghetto savior ever. Thanks.
Bibby: Get yours. The stage is big.
Brad: The real American hero.
Bonzi: Here comes payday.
Kenny: You can be a starter in almost any city in the league.
Kevin: I don't you'll be left off the playoff roster this season. Just a hunch.
Francisco: You'll get back in the game, and we know you'll deliver when you do.
Hitman: D-FENSE! (Clap clap.) D-FENSE! (Clap clap.)
Corliss: Ya nasty.
Sergei: Zdravstvuite.
Vitaly: Come on ride the Train. And ride it.
Lil Ron-Ron: You're a MIP candidate in the making.
Jamal: Get your towel ready to wave.
Adelmania: Way to have your team ready. Again.
Petrie: You did it again. You're a motherf*cking genius, man.
Super Maloof Bros.: Nice gamble. Good poker faces.

Seriously, to everyone involved in this freaking resurrection, kudos. Thirteenth place to the playoffs in half a season? Way f*cking awesome.

LET'S GO KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!