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It doesn't matter.

I don't care if the Lakers win or lose tonight. I really don't. Kobe can score 82 for all I care, and it matters not a bit.

(So, how good of a liar am I? Really? That bad?)

With Phoenix's two really strong games against the Artest-era Kings and San Antonio's difficulty in matching up with Sacramento all season, some people have changed their mind, opting for a date with the Spurs.

Not me. I really really want the seven seed.

I'm a lover of lists, so here are my reasons:

  1. By any standard, San Antonio is better than Phoenix. (Unless we're talking about places to vacation. In that case, it goes Paris -> Hawaii -> South Florida -> ... -> Hades -> Phoenix -> Northern Alberta -> Barstow -> San Antonio.)
  2. Potential second-round matchups. Let's see... Dallas or Denver? Memphis or the Clippers? Tough choices, really. Dallas and L.A. will be favored in their matchups. The Kings went 0-3 against one of them and 4-0 against the other. Such a tough choice.
  3. I want the Kings to finish ahead of the Lakers. To ever want the opposite is patently ridiculous.
Face it - the Kings have a huge challenge ahead of them. Seven seeds and eight seeds very rarely beat one seeds and two seeds. When they do, it's special. We don't know how special this team is yet. We should find out soon.

Until then, I'm certainly not above opting for the easiest road and crossing my fingers. (Aren't the Kings due for a spoiler payback after 2003-04 anyways?)

Let's go Hornets!