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GAME 74/82: vs Los Angeles Clippers, Open Game Thread

(Alright, I like the fact that the sun won't be breaking through my window before 6 a.m. for the next eight months. It's good, and I see the value of daylight savings. But sh*t. Couldn't they figure out a better way to do it than this "spring forward" bullcrap? If I ever go on a rampage, I guarantee it will be after spring equinox.)

You know the Clippers would be on my "teams I hate losing to" list if the Kings ever lost to them. Cheers! (And to the lineups.)

PG - Cassell
SG - Maggette
SF - Q. Ross
PF - Brand
C  - Kaman

PG - Bibby
SG - Wells (Though Kevin will be in uniform!)
SF - Artest
PF - Thomas
C  - Miller

The line is -3.5. The tip is 6. The win is necessary, for home confidence purposes. (And the fact that we need to go 2-2 in the next four, two meetings with LAC between the easiest bets and the visits to San Antonio and Dallas being near impossibilities.)

Let's go Kings!