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The Bee's Got Playoff Fever Too!

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Well this is going to be fun.

The Bee is pulling out all the technological stops during the playoff run, introducing a Kings podcast(!) and a Kings blog(!!).

The podcasting duties will apparently rotate between Marty McNeal and Sam Amick, and Mr. McNeal and Ailene Voisin will take care of the blog. Actually, Mac's first podcast is already up. (WARNING: AUDIO LINK) I'll be sticking it on my iPod tonight for listening during tomorrow's commute.

It also appears that Mac and Voisin will be blogging live(!) during the playoff games. Thunder-thiefs, says I, since...

This Saturday at 1:30 p.m., I am planting myself in front of the laptop and TV and digging into a full afternoon of Kings liveblogging, and I hope you'll all join me. Not only will we discuss the game, the announcers, the absolute beatdown Shareef will deliver on Rasho Nesterovic... we'll be talking about The Bee's liveblog! Fun!

So if you can't make it to, um, San Antonio on Saturday afternoon, join us at Sactown Royalty for a feast of fun. Tell your friends, too! It's a party! Woohoo!

(I've got a horrible case of playoff fever. Can you tell?)