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Prediction Time!

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Alright, alright. It's time...


Predictions in the comments, folks!

I'll go with KINGS in 7.
Dallas in 6.
Clippers in 4.
Suns in 5.
Pistons in 5.
Heat in 4.
Nets in 6.
Cavs in 7.

Kings over Dallas in 7.
Clippers over Suns in 6.
Pistons over Cavs in 6.
Heat over Nets in 4.

Kings over Clippers in 5.
Pistons over Heat in 7.

Kings over Pistons in 6.

That's right: The Sacramento Kings, 2006 NBA Champions. Book it!

Ron-Ron, of course, will proceed to fly back to Detroit after the parade, just to burn down a few homes and smash up a few cars. And to spit on Ben Wallace's Defensive Player of the Year trophy.

See?! Ron-Ron ain't the only one with crazy predictions! I've got them, too!

And actually, I saw Ron-Ron on TV this morning. He showed his support for me, as I've showed my support for him:

Thanks Ron.

Aaahh! I'm burning up! My playoff fever could be fatal! Aaahh!

(Remember, the liveblogging starts at 1:30 Pacific. Be here or be skwer. That's Nelly-ese for "square." Just so you know.)