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Artest Suspended

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Get the chants ready... BULLSH*T! BULLSH*T!

A hard foul by Ron Artest on San Antonio's Manu Ginobili on Saturday will prove costly to the Kings, who learned Monday that their forward has been suspended for Tuesday's playoff game by the NBA.

Artest was suspended one game for making forearm contact to the head of Ginobili during the third quarter of San Antonio's 122-88 win over the Kings, NBA senior vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson announced.

The incident occurred with 9:07 remaining in the third quarter of the playoff opener in San Antonio. Game 2 is Tuesday night, also in San Antonio.

I'm not particularly prepared to discuss how this actually affects Tuesday's game.

I am ready, though, to talk about how this affects Manu Ginobili in whatever game in this series appears to be a season-ending one for the Kings.

That kid is going to get laid out. Seriously. And I can't wait.

Maybe Arthur Bonzarelli can pass on a greeting to Balki tomorrow night. It'd be the gentlemanly thing to do, of course.