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Ron-Ron Unplugged

In a brief Q&A session with The Bee's Sam Amick, Ron Artest reveals himself to be old-school...

They're changing the game from how it was back in the days, back when the game was really hardcore. The game was so hardcore back when Larry Bird played and Bill Walton and those guys. Those guys were playing hard. Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, the Detroit Pistons. Those guys were playing flat-out hard and aggressive. And now, it's like they're changing the game. It's a new game. All the records that everybody's setting, like LeBron James and all these new stars, they're very good, but it's not like it was back in the day. All the scoring titles and everything; it's easier to score now. The whole game is so soft now.

... and proud ...

It was just like defensive aggressive awareness. I'm in the paint, and it's just, "You're not going to be into my lane."

... and aware of budding conspiracies ...

You know, it's like another good excuse ... to take things away from me that I've worked so hard to achieve. It's just more good excuses. I just think these people get together and try to team up on me.

... and nostalgic ...

The game's changed a lot. You've got to adjust to the softer game now. It's very soft, but it's hard to understand what they're trying to accomplish with the changes in the game. I was watching a game on ESPN Classic today, and guys are fighting each other and stuff. Nobody got kicked out.

... and finally, Schwarzeneggerian.

I'll be back. It's just not right, but I'll be back.

I'm starting a legal defense fund for Ron-Ron. Who's with me?