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The Clippers: Still the Other L.A. Team

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I worry about dominance like that we're currently seeing against the Clippers. I don't mind it, honest. In fact, I like it. I just worry about it is all.

I worry that the teams and the fans will start to just assume the Clippers mean a sure win. They don't - that's a quality team. In fact, they probably should've won Sunday. When they took the 1-point lead in the third quarter, that's usually when the Kings get yanked into a knock-down drag-out kind of war. Fortunately, Artest rattled off eight points or something and took over the game.

The Clippers are going to beat us sometime. Maybe Friday, though hopefully not. That game will be huge for the Kings, because of that other L.A. team - the L.A. team. Can no one beat these jokers?

The Lakers trailed much of the way against Houston yesterday. Then Kobe took over, and it was over. It was a common formula for the Lakers this season, especially since the rest of the roster has decided they want to help.

I have to admit that I'm not sure the Kings can catch the Lakers. L.A. is on the road Thursday and Friday at Denver and Phoenix. Then, they close out the season with five straight at home - LAC, GSW, POR, PHX and NOK. Just know that to get in the Seven Spot, we're banking on the Clippers and Phoenix, both likely with nothing to play for, to go in and beat the Lakers. (We're also expecting those teams to roll over for us.) It's not likely, is all I'm saying.

So should we start embracing the Spurs matchup, with this Wednesday as a dress rehearsal? If it were a choice between Dallas or Phoenix, the option wouldn't matter so much. The Kings have shown they can beat Dallas, and they've shown they can beat Phoenix. But replace Dallas with San Antonio and it makes you desparately want to instead face the Suns. This team just doesn't match up well with the Spurs. Oh well.

As Ron-Ron would say, just handle your business and the rest will fall into place. Let's hope so.