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Execution Averted

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So I was pretty dreary in writing about an "execution." But could you blame me after that loss to Dallas, possibly the single most sobering game of the season? (Though the home loss to Golden State isn't far behind.)

I guess I'm a person that accepts my fate rather quickly, possibly to make it less painful when the seemingly inevitable happens. So, I see the Kings the lose by 26 and know they're heading into a back-to-back road matchup with an even better team the next night - a team it seems they haven't beaten in years - and I assume the worst.

It makes it all the more relieving when the execution falls through. (My favorite botched execution: the one in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Our heros find themselves chasing tail in medieval England when they are cornered by a character named "Evil Duke," who I always thought was one of the Henrys, since his daughters are princesses. Anyways, B&T get stuck in the Iron Maiden, the Duke yells "Off with their heads," and everyone generally prepares for doom. But the executioners cut the nooses off instead of the, uh, heads. It is then revealed that the "executioners" are none other than Socrates and Billy the Kid! The four run away, though Ted manages to tell the princesses that "We'll save you, babes!" The group eventually does bring the girls to the future, where they start a rock band. The moral of the story: don't chase tail in medieval England unless you have friends around who can save you from execution. Yeah.)

Brad Miller with three points shouldn't get a W in San Antonio, but I'll take it. Mike Bibby was unbelievable, like he often is in particularly big games. Bonzi was steady as hell again, and that first quarter block was awesome. Kenny did his usual work on the boards. Shareef was an absolute man among lesser men. Adelman did a nice job limiting the bench and relying on known quantites, even if I'd like to see a little more Francisco.

And of course, Ron Artest set the tone for the game, playing suffocating defense on Balki and hitting some nice early shots. (He also had a terrific quote in the post game, but we'll get to that a little later.)

I can't say I ain't happy. Because I am.

(By the way, the likely #2 seed - Phoenix - has lost two straight and four of six. They looked better post-Amare for a total of two games. It almost looks like those were adrenaline games, but the team is really so let down about its ailing superstar - who had surgery AGAIN Wednesday - that it will just go through the motions the rest of the season. I hope they beat the hell out of Kobe and Co. tonight. But I'm all for the continued dissolution of Phoenix heading into the playoffs.)