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Scoreboard Watching

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As a Kings fan, and as a Maryland native, I love Carmelo Anthony.

I actually watched the fourth quarter and overtime of L.A.-Denver, and it was rather entertaining, if not for a lot of silly mistakes on both ends. (Kwame Brown couldn't handle a clean pass, Lamar Odom was taking silly shots, it was great. Of course, the Nuggets refused to give Melo the ball in the fourth, which angered me somewhat.)

Rooting against the Lakers is actually an underrated hobby. It's real easy, it just flows right out (even if it's the Nuggets).

The Hornets and Jazz were off Thursday. Utah visits Minnesota tonight, which I previously had as a loss. Call it a toss-up. NOOCH hosts Toronto, which should be a win for the Hornets.

The Lakers, of course, are visiting Phoenix. I would sincerely appreciate a road sweep of the Show, so go Suns. Meanwhile, our team will be in L.A., beating the Clippers.

Knock on wood, but everything is playing out as expected.