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The Worldly Mark Madsen: Speaks Spanish, Loves Immigrants

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Screw Paul Shirley. Mark Madsen is easily the funniest white guy in the league.

I'd heard "Mad Dog" had a blog, but I figured it was like the Flea Lakers blog or the short-lived Elisha Cuthbert NHL blog or the Tommy Lasorda Dodgers blog. (I couldn't be happier about the whole Eric Gagne thing, by the way. You hate to wish ill on anyone, but this is mitigated by the fact that Gagne is a) a Dodger and b) Canadian. Sorry, Skeets.)

Boy was I wrong.

Here's an excerpt to show just how little fun the Minnesota Timberwolves are actually having this season:

So today after we had done all of this intense stuff, it got quiet while we were shooting free throws.  Then Kevin (Garnett) looks straight at me and says, "Dog, you on"   I paused for a second and didn't say anything while I thought back........I remembered I had just signed up about five days and Kevin both started laughing hard and I said, " seems like whatever I do, you know about it."

Holy god that's depressing. I like lakes and big-ass malls and Brenda Walsh and everything, but there is no way I would work for that franchise right now.

But the Dust Bowl that is the TWolves franchise won't stop the Mad Dog from being deep:

"I lived in the Chicano/Latino theme dorm for my frosh year at Stanford.  I liked it so much I stayed there for the next TWO years as well!  When I heard about the protesting in the streets of LA on the immigration issue I wish I could have been down there in the downtown in support of all of the Latinos and immigrants that have come to CA ( my home state ) and other parts of North America."

Madsen later quotes the plaque at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty, and ends with this:
"Based on scientific theory and cultural/literay works even some of the native americans (which is the one group with the longest heritage here) likely came to this land via the Bering Straight or by some other sea-faring route(s).  In the end aren't we all immigrants?"

Alright, it's official. I love Mark Madsen.

Madsen '08! Madsen '08!