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GAME 77/82: at LA Clippers, Open Game Thread

Can the Kings make it 13 straight wins against the Clippers? Let's hope so, for the sake of early-April takeovers.

The line sits at +4.5, which is a line I would most definitely buy a cosmo for. It's as yet unclear whether Sam Cassell or Shaun Livingston will start at the point, and I'm assuming Quinton Ross will, to try to keep MB10 under wraps.

The lack of dominance by Elton Brand in the first three matchups this season is astounding. I mean, can anyone on Sacramento's roster really guard the guy? I doubt it. (Example #1: Chris Kaman. Example #2: Kwame Brown.)

Keep it coming, though. More shots for Cuttino and E.T. and the crew means less wins for L.A. Less wins for L.A. means more funny quotes for Ron-Ron and more smiles for the grimacy Rick Adelman.

Happy cheering/Bill Simmons spying! Let's go Kiiiiiings!

(Oh, and on the open game threads. I'm trying something different for a couple reasons: the nicknames might never have been funny five months ago when they started, so they were certainly not funny now; the categories were getting stale and I can incorporate the major points into some sort of prose introduction; and I want to keep myself posting more regularly throughout the day instead of saving every nugget for some blow-out long open game thread. I want to be more like, you know, a blog. If you have thoughts on any of this, feel free to make note in the comments. Also, use this thread to talk about the game before the tip-off, during the contest, and in the aftermath. Waiting on hold during Jason Ross's postgame? Hang up and post here instead. No one likes Jason Ross anyways.)

Go Kings.