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GAME 78/82: vs Houston, Open Game Thread

Ladies and gentlmen, we have a magic number.

Sadly, it's 4. I thought it'd be lower, but those pesky Hornets are hanging down there despite a Saturday loss to the suddenly scorching Mavericks. That game against the Hornets a week from today should essentially be an elimination game for New Orleans, as long as they haven't eliminated themselves by then anyways.

The number to eliminate the Jazz is three - that's three Kings wins and Jazz losses combined. Knowing that the Jazz still have to visit Dallas and San Antonio should put our mind at ease.

The Kings can make everything easier, of course, by beating Houston today. It's the second easiest game the rest the way out, but still highly important.

The line in -9. The Rox won their previous visit to ARCO this season, but that was pre-Arest.

Let's go Kings!