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And The Nominees Are...

Have a rumor round-up, will you?

  • Eddie Jordan has apparently been brought up as a candidate by league sources. Jordan was an easy candidate to guess, because of his ties to Geoff Petrie and Sacramento. Honestly, he's Rick Adelman Light, so pardon me if my excitement seems muted. He has gotten Gilbert Arenas to be a leader, though. Maybe that can translate to Mike Bibby?
  • Sactown Royalty endorsed Stan Van Gundy is popping up as well. He told the Miami Herald a couple weeks ago his tentative plan is to not coach this season. Things change, though. He does need Miami's approval to talk to other teams. Also, he'll need help removing Pat Riley's knife from his back before he gets on a plane.
  • Don Nelson ain't looking too likely, thank goodness. Marc Stein probably teared up when he filed his story on the Maloofs' preference for a defensive-minded coach, leaving Nellie on permanent vacation.
  • Terry Porter appears to be trying to decide between making a bid for the Blazers or coaching again. I wouldn't by a TP throwback or anything, but I'd accept his hire graciously. However, it might be better for the league if he continues his bid (along with some investors) for the Blazers.
  • Elston Turner is definitely a no. Yikes.
I'm guessing we won't hear anything about interviews until Monday.