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Them Rumors, They Are a Startin'

So I don't want to say I was the first one to broach Larry-Brown-to-Sacramento, since I know everyone thought the exact same thing when they read that James Dolan wanted to eat $40 million to cut The Cranky One loose.

But someone has to keep up with the rumors, since the only thing the Sacramento Bee can muster this Monday morning is a story on how a public utility advertised with the Kings and this one ratepayer is ticked about it.

  • The Paper of Record says it has also heard from three sources that the Knicks are trying to lose Larry Brown. I think I learned my lesson about trusting even the New York Times when it comes to anonymous sources (hello, WMD!), but this is a lot more reputable than the NY Post and NY Daily News stories from Sunday. So consider my interest a bit more piqued. Also, the Times succinctly mentions Sacramento, Golden State and Charlotte as possible destinations for Brown.
  • Meanwhile, the Post continues to reaffirm its story, saying the Knicks want resolution this week so Isiah (the heir, apparently) can be put in place for pre-draft workouts, which begin this coming weekend. The Post also throws out that "Brown could be amenable to taking less because of his age (65), health woes and the Kings' job opening. Brown's wife, Shelly, is from California." Hmmm...
  • The New York Daily News reports that Brown won't be resigning or retiring, so buy-out negotiations could be sticky. The story also includes a paragraph on how Joe and Gavin Maloof are looking for a defensive-minded head coach.
All in all, I'm torn on this. I mean, even one year ago I was guffawing at all the attention LB was getting instead of Rick Adelman. And then LB went out and had an awful season, and RA showed he could coach a defensive team.

One thing's clear: Rick Adelman will not be our coach next season. Larry Brown would clearly be the best coach available, right? Right?