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Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

Per Sam Amick, Geoff Petrie and the Maloofs will sit down today to discuss the head coach vacancy.

Wait... today is the first meeting since Adelmania ended? Um. You think they might have had a bit more urgency? Petrie tells Amick that because they are currently the only team with an opening, they can go through it slowly. While that may have worked with the whole Shareef Abdur-Rahim thing, I'm more skeptical about this.

You see, there's no way in Hades the Kings will be the only team to have a coaching change this offseason. No freaking way. Here are other teams I think could conceivably have coaching changes:

  • The Knicks, obviously.
  • The Warriors.
  • The Heat, if Riley decides the window has closed.
  • The Cavaliers, if LeBron decides he wants a different coach.
  • The Grizzlies, who are seemingly in constant rebuilding mode.
  • The Bobcats, if Bernie Bickerstaff wants to concentrate on team-building.
  • The Wizards, if Eddie Jordan can't work out an extension.
  • The Celtics, if for some reason there's a bloodbath in Beantown.
  • The Pacers, if Bird's patience with this era ends.
That's not a small list. All it takes is one domino - Larry Brown's buyout could be it - to set the chain in motion. Then, you have a half-dozen teams scrambling for head coaches. The well dries up quickly.

The fact that the Maloofs have talked to P.J. Carlesimo's agent worry me. It's nice to know that the agent in question also represents guys like Eddie Jordan and Paul Silas. But worrisome nonetheless.

The best development this morning, though? Someone finally mentioned Marc Iavaroni! Woohoo! That's the domino I wanted to fall!

Because the Maloofs and Petrie are meeting, and because the Maloofs have big mouths, we might know something more this afternoon. I hope not, because that means Carlesimo is probably in. So here's to hoping. No news is good news!