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Coaching Carousel, Arena Rollercoaster...

No news on the coaching situation. Well, except that apparently Geoff Petrie told Grant Napear and Mike Lamb last night that the team isn't interested in Larry Brown.

The big news of the morning, however, is new arena news. Per The Bee, a ballot measure for arena funding should go to voters in November. What's that mean? It means this is going to happen really fast.

The article says they will be working on making it a general tax increase, which means it only need majority approval. This is good, because it's nearly impossible to get a 66% approval on a tax measure on first try, and probably damn near impossible on something like an arena tax. Getting 50.00001% is a bit more manageable.

Also, it looks like the plans to plop ARCO III in downtown are still alive. I hope the Maloofs are smart enough not to push that too hard, though. A lot of people want a new arena, but don't want it further clogging up I-5 and downtown. And a lot of county people might push back if the arena is seen as only benefitting Sacramento proper, as a downtown arena might suggest.

They should seriously build it right next to the current incarnation. If it's not broke, don't fix it. And the location is not broke.