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KINGS/SPURS - Game 5 Open Thread

Here it is, y'all - the Fulcrum Game. It's not the Rubber Game - that'd be Game 7. And it's not the See-Saw Game - we had that in Game 2. Also, there have been two Statement Games already - the first Saturday and most recent Sunday.

It's the Fulcrum Game - the game in which the balance of power takes a decided turn. If Sacramento wins, the Spurs face the prospect of having to win in Sacramento (something they couldn't pull off Friday or Sunday) and finishing at home. If San Antonio wins, the Kings have to beat the World Champions two times in a row - and one of those times in Texas.

Fulcrum Games don't ensure best-of-seven victories - trust that I realize that; I am a San Francisco Giants fan, after all. But as far as breathing a little easier, losing a few jitters, playing with a bit more confidence - I bet that makes all the difference in the world.

If the Kings want to win this series (and earn the right to face the Dallas Mavericks - ay ay ay), they have to win a game in San Antonio. Either they do that tonight or they hope to get another chance Sunday. I think we'd all pick tonight.

I'm jittery as all get out now that this is a series. I'll leave the deep insights for the guys at Sports Illustrated's blog, who are doing a great job with the myriad storylines. And, of course, the best place to hear Spurs fans talk sh*t about their own players is at Pounding the Rock, where Matt Powell has particularly prickly words for Tony Parker today.

Holy crap! DUNCAN! ARTEST! GINOBILI! BIBBY! EVA! POTAPENKO! It's the NBA playoffs on News10 (or NBA TV)!

Vamonos Kings! Woohoo!