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Isleton is the Albatross

No juicyness out of the big honcho arena meeting from Monday. The Bee's story is almost like a refresher and mentions how tight-lipped everyone is. Roger Dickinson, the county supervisor seemingly driving this from the elected official standpoint, is quoted as saying it'll be three weeks before the financing plan is unveiled.

No one from Isleton showed up at Monday's meeting. Of course, Isleton has like five employees and only 840 residents. The police chief must've been busy. And Isleton, not being a major retail zone, isn't likely to matter much in the scheme of things. Actually, I'm surprised Galt got someone there. I will be floored if Galt breaks in favor of the arena measure - this is the same city where it took three tries to build a new high school to house the 2,000 students that were crammed in a 900-capacity campus after the school (and district?) were taken over by the state due to poor performance. We'll just say it's unlikely few people in Galt will sign on a tax increase for an arena 30 miles away and maybe a small something in town.

My biggest question isn't how much Los Maloofs are going to kick in. I expect it will be somewhere between $100 million and $250 million. (The more the better, by the way.) My biggest question is what other projects are going to be involved and how the whole thing is going to be marketed. As a recreation measure? An economic revitalization measure? Just as general as general could be, with funds for disparate things like the arena here, a couple of new police officers there, a new park bench yonder? I'm seriously perplexed on how this is going to work.

The quick-moving progress is refreshing, though.